Happiness is the goal of life

‘A naked Yogi keeps roaming in the streets of Varanasi. The householder objects to her naked appetite, even though the police do not catch her. ‘Varanasi police had such severe criticisms, after which the warrant was removed and she was ordered to close in. The eight-rounded policeman was sent to jail. The scorching heat of the eldest, when it is difficult to get out of the house, seeing a yogi sitting on a hot rock like a burning pan of the dock, the police were caught on the first, then they proceeded. Seeing the police, the yogi was smiling like he understood his whole move. At the same time, they were sitting in such a way as if they were Brahma of Varanasi, they would not fear anyone. If a person gets scared of minor legal rights, when he is not afraid of anybody, then many success, the lord of the powers, why the fear of somebody, why do they even fear him? Even then, they have the pleasure of enjoying the kind of sports like children, the joy of achieving happiness is the goal of life. If this yogi, called ‘Sri great’ is also keen to have such easy access to the child’s simple simplicity and sports, then what a surprise?

The police were barely on two yards that the swinging lord stood up and ran towards the river. The police followed them. Police do not screw the poor young man’s fear of dying to wear uniforms, so put the cordon around him. Sometimes the child of a sage will come out – but one hour, two hours, three hours – the sun was on the head now, but now Swami did not appear. They say that they took a monument inside the water. For him, he had thrown a very big rock in the water and it was a turban that after the oiling owner got immersed in water, he used to sit on the same rock and sit in the water within a few hours. They did not see any account but their Age is stated as 300 years. The wonderful stories of the house-owner Swami in Varanasi are still prevalent today. Despite his fasting, he weighed one pound every year. The weight of 300 pounds was their time when the police went to catch them. Even though there was such a gross body, the police could not catch them. After all, when the night was over, the soldiers thought they were sunk, so that they returned to the police station to arrange the second. In the meantime, the other people looked at an equal stand, but the oilman switched out of the water.

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