Love emanates from the stress of life

The event is 600 years ago. A woman in Rome was playing with her child. She never leaves her change clothes ever suckling, back and forth to work by then baby came and kisses him, lick and their work. Love emanates from the stress of life. It seems that it would have been necessary to repeatedly show love to the child to remove exhaustion of his work. There was a tall tower in front of house; a monkey sitting in it was watching all this very late, with great care. As soon as the woman got separated for a moment, the monkey got up and took that child away. As the people ran away, the monkey took the baby with caution and climbed to same tower. As she saw mother loving child herself, she behaved  same way with her child. Ever kissed her, she wore her clothes and then worn her again. Here he was quenching the thirst of his love, and his mother and the house were in anguish, weeping and crying.  mother of  child was looking at  same tower and crying badly.

Monkey saw all this Probably he understood all  situation so that one hand touched the child with his chest and with the help of the remaining three hands, he landed down with caution and went to  woman without any fear or hesitation and  child in his hands handed over. This prudent people were watching stunned standing. Together with a bitter truth, how the monkey-like creature may be so serious and faithful towards love. Everybody reached the child’s hand in the hands of the mother; Meanwhile, where the monkey went from there, no one has known it until today.

Back to the attention of the people, all thought that  monkey was either a divine power that came to show  affection of love or that there was a soul separated from love, which came to give a thirsty fulfillment to his thirst. In memory of that monkey, an eternal lamp was lit and kept in that tower. The tower’s name was also named as a monkey tower in his memorial. It is said that the lamp is still burning for 600 years. We do not know how many truths are there in the miraculous way of burning the lamp for 600 years, but it is true that the lamp of loving love for the child in the monkey’s palace will continue till this tower stands, millions of human beings, Will continue to draw attention to inspiration.

Once a monkey couple gave birth to a baby in United States of San Pedro. The female grew up with affection and affectionately. The child was just 20 months old that the female gave birth to a new baby. Although the first child had been drinking milk of mothers, however do not let the world’s creatures just what emotions spiritual hunger did not like him any authority over his mother. He grabbed his younger brother by hand and dragged him and went to his mother’s breasts sticking.

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