The different beliefs of scientists

Sir William Crooks also often appears to be a beautiful hand, the flowering of the flower in the button of the house is broken by that hand, the moving of objects, the bright clouds surrounding it, and then  cloud is transformed into a clear hand and On touching that hand, the details of extreme pain, sometimes hot and cold, etc. are written.

Dr. Ralph Alexander, a psychiatrist from the United States, used the astronomical awakening and used to remove and produce  clouds as desired. He had been using his power to influence  clouds by concentrating his mind for many years and using his power. In 1951 he deposited some rain clouds in  sky within 12 minutes in Mexico City. There were many places of scientific and other scholars gathered there on that occasion. But despite the differences in Dr. Alex power, they all admitted that when there was no cloud in  sky, then it would be surprising to grow in a cloudburst in 10-12 minutes and also to become a little drunk. Certainly. Therefore, Dr. Alexander decided to use it again, without any doubt. He said that ‘He will show off the clouds from the clouds present in the sky, with the will of his will.’ This was done on 12 September 1954 in the place called Ontario. About 50 scientists, journalists and large officials of  city gathered to see this miracle.  mayor of the city (municipal head) was also called special, which would not doubt anyone in the success of this experiment. It was also arranged that when  clouds were disappeared, many very fast cameras would keep taking pictures of them. It was large enough that some people thought that Dr. Alexander used to show such a scene by using ‘collective hypnotism’ on the audience,  clouds did not really change. It can confuse man’s mind with illusions, but then  automatic camera will take a picture of that scene, then there will be no scope for doubt. In the picture of the camera, the same thing will come in front of him, which will be in front of him. The following statement was published by a local newspaper ‘The Daily Packet and Times’ in the following incident:

‘When the people got together, Dr. Alexander told him that he would choose a cloud himself, who would want to disappear. There were many clouds near  horizon.  sky was also visible in between them. Among them, a thin strip of clouds was quite dense and was stationary in its place. That’s  goal of the experiment. The camera took away many of its photos.

‘Dr. Alexander yoga for a little while frowns frown (of the action of the stroke) and gaze up looking towards the same stripe of  clouds. Suddenly there was a strange change in those clouds.  bar of  clouds began to widen and then gradually became thin.  cameras were on and one photo was being released every quarter. Minutes passed minutes, the band began to fall thin and their density was also reduced. Gradually it started to feel as if someone is tune-up the cotton. Within eight minutes, everyone saw that the strip has disappeared from the sky, while the surrounding clouds remained stable.

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