The yoga provides mental strength and capabilities

The incident is being cited by Louis book ‘Mystery of India and Its sages’. The famous Yogi Swami also described the incident in the 31st paragraph of ‘Book by Graffiti of Yoga’.

The early cold air was blowing. When the lord shrugged towards the air, the body drowned in sweat-when he walked on the roof of the aired yogi and saw air intake. The doors of the doorway were closed, the lock was also felt. Then how did this yogi reach the terrace? Of course, the child will be mischievous. Those poor saints utterly said that the doors of the door of the air were not open at any moment, then they did not know how the sage reached the roof. He was considering it as the glory of Yoga, but Inspector was not ready for him. After all, the yogi was then shut down in the court. Locks in the night door were sealed. Surrounded by all around, he was sleeping in a stove with a lock. If you start to see the condition of a prisoner early in the morning, then there is no blood in the body. Sealed off lock closed. Even keeping the child guarding, even on the Swing Swami, practicing yoga sitting on the terrace. The lane’s eyes were open to open, he left behind Swami.

Mr. Tang is said about Swami that in the form of a sharp whirlpool, if the water sprinkled oil is poured into it, then the heat of the oil makes it steam and blows it away from the eyelash, in the same way as toxic lumps But what kind of fire was there inside them that the effects of toxic do not know where in a while. Once a man took a demonic swollen lime to the front of Swami and said, ‘great man!’ I have brought good milk for you, Swami got drinking and licked the water of that lime, and it was just a few moments that she started crying and shouting, the person who had called lime water. Swami dropped into the feet, apologizing if there was a stomach burning. He said that brother is not my cousin, this is Newton’s rule that every action is a reaction. His condition is the power of vomiting and fine action.

Whether human body is an instrument, soul, its energy, fuel, its power, mind engine and driver, the type of wonderful work that can be taken can be taken from this body as well as amazing on physical science, all these strengths and capabilities are included in Yoga, yoga meditation find and get pleasure.

The world’s scientific journals ‘Nature’ and ‘New Scientist’ are world-famous. They are edited and published by the static scientists of the world and the published details in it are considered searchable and factual. In these magazines, the authentic details of the ancient power found in the ‘Uri’ body are spread widely.

Uri is just 30 years old. He was born on December 20, 1946, in Tel. His mother was from German. When the young man used to study in Cyprus, then he found some odds in himself and showed him his acquaintances without any hesitation or hiding. When he went near the watches, then the needles left behind and left behind and left behind. In front of school students, he did not break his sight only by breaking the things made of metals.

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