Unity is the basis of success

Despite the differentiation of their nature, even if the other creatures can live with mutual love, then the intellectual person should be above them. If it does not, then it seems that as much as humans not understand the depth of consciousness, the other creates can laugh freely. Even two enemy creatures can have excellent friendships in their creatures.

Every creature in creation, every organism is different from one another in nature. Some good, some bad qualities are found in all, but no one creature deprived of love for love and the thirst for love, does not appear in creation. Human life is full happiness and paradise is love. Even after experiencing the power of love, even if man feels humble to himself, then one has to believe that man does not know the true meaning of life.

In the lives of ants, there is no singularity in the labor ants in general, they do not have their own intelligence, their own personal desires, they live under a rule of law, however love is in them as well, and they do not suppress their soft feelings Can They do this in some other way in fulfilling this intimate sense. They love their own inner thirst by loving the butterfly’s child. Although all this sounds like a natural inspiration, the emergence of the fundamental feeling is clearly understood. The butterflies of honey are sucked by flowers, their bodies are sweet too. The physical qualities of the parents come upon the child. It is a natural rule, the youngest of the butterfly, called the larvae, the laborer takes the ant carefully, chicks and licks the body of his body, But when doing so, it turns out clearly that it is a selfish work, that harasses Larva from the ninja. So, after collecting the sweetness, he takes the child to the nursery building and continues to care for him until the larvae becomes a good butterfly. On becoming a butterfly, the ant releases him away from home with a hearty welcome. This intimate friendship of the ant and butterfly remains a mystery to biologists. His original motivation is the love of intimate, for which the soul lasts for a long time.

In Australia, an organism of squirrels called kung is found. It is a fighter and a fiery organism, even when it looks at compassion for his children and family members. Wherever he goes, the children are kept in a special pouch and he licks them in a little while and goes as if he is unable to handle the outburst of love feelings of his conscience. Although this love of animals is limited to its children and family, to a small extent, it is a proof that love is merely an in-depth desire for creatures. A person can expand the perimeter of his love so that he is more sensitive and sensitive. The love of other creatures is not fully satisfying so they are more rude, selfish and dreaded, but it is doubtless if they can be hidden in their heart, then in those violent and silly animals, the nature is incomplete. Beauty can be seen. Lord Shiva is hanging in the throat, sage used to visit Raman’s ashram, monkeys, peacocks and squirrels did not come to fix his family feuds till the snake, wolf etc.

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